Hydrophobic sands in desert agriculture using Parametric architecture in Saudi Arabia

Master in Biodigital Architecture, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya- Barcelona.

Spain, 2021. 

Desert Simulation 

Parametric tools have been used to investigate the effects this would have on desert architecture.

Spain, 2021.

Joffrey's Coffee Shop 

More than 7 years of experience as an Architect for a coffee  and restaurant chain, in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia,  2015-2021 

Crypto Business Center

A project created to improve Barcelona's visitors experience, by reducing traffic and highlighting the city's natural beauty.

Spain, 2021.

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings  were designed with a variety of villas, apartment buildings, and semi-houses.

Interior Design

Various interior styles depending on the client's requirements and the designer's style.

Retail Architecture & Companies Design

Several brands headquarters were designed, requiring not only spaces that attracted customers and sold products, but also beautiful interiors that defined a brand.

Lebanon, 2014.

Senegal Tower 

A collaborative project with the Eng. Jean Deeb, a UK-based engineer who is specialized in Sustainable Architecture.
The project combines the adaptive reuse of historic buildings with environmentally conscious new construction that will adapt to Senegal's climate.

Senegal, 2021.