Aug 2023 

Space Race: Cosmic adventure in space with colonies, massive aquarium, and thrilling race cars!!! It was done as part of Spatial contest on Sandstorm . I won the 2nd prize in it.

 July 2023 

Decentraland DAO HQ,   It was submitted as a proposal on the Decentraland DAO Headquarter contest that was done on Sandstorm Platform. I won the 2nd prize in it.

 Mar 2023 

Space-Suit Shop,  I participated in a Space Metaverse contest hosted on Sandstorm, where contest was to building a shop set in a any specific timeline or place. I won the first prize in it.

 Dec 2022  

Ugly Sweater Wearable Contest,  The  ‘Ugly’ holiday sweaters in the real world are limited to all the weirdness. The wearable was made as part of the contest and I won 3rd prize in it.

 Nov 2022  

The Matrix Dance ''bullet time'',  This Emote was made for Emotes Contest to be part of the Metaverse Music Festival 2022...I was honored to win the 9th prize of the contest. 

 Oct 2022  

The Lost Fountain,  This Fountain was made for the DCL builder contest #3 and received the Third Prize in the contest. 

 Oct 2022  

Ford T pickup Model (1908),  This model was made for the DCL builder contest #2 and received the 5th place in the contest. 

 Feb 2022  

MonArch Zone was one of the Largest Metaverse Event in History on Monaverse  platform.  I was honored to be one of the Finalist winners. 

 April 2021  

CyberPunk Builder Contest was a competition with Aetheria Project on DCL to create cyberpunk theme. I was honored to win the Second prize in it. 

Dec 2020

It was a Game Jam contest //Save Xmas// to spread as much joy as possible and turn the metaverse into the merryverse in time for Xmas. I was honored to won The Community Prize with it.

 Sep 2020   

I designed Rizk Amusement Park (Dcl World) for a Decentraland Game jam contest. I was honored to win the first prize by then.

Feb 2020  

 It was a contest to create new collection of wearable (Layer one wearables) and I did a design for Astronaut suit that I was honored to have won.

Dec 2019

One of my first scenes in Decentraland when I participate in the Creator Contest which was held on 2019. I was honored to win two prizes on my two different scenes.

  • Game City
  • Interactive Stairs Game (ISG)